Top 10 Republican Attacks on Health Care

1. Republicans would allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. In fact more than 20 Republican attorneys general are suing to repeal the protections.

2. The Republican health care plan would kick more than 23 million Americans and more than 800,000 Washingtonians off of their health care.

3. Republicans voted to weaken coverage of essential health benefits, including: ambulatory patient services (outpatient services), emergency services, hospital visits, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, laboratory tests, preventive and wellness services, chronic disease management, and dentist visits for kids.

4. Congressional Republicans voted to cut Medicaid coverage for seniors, children and other of our most vulnerable citizens

5. President Trump took action to allow employers to deny coverage of birth control and other contraceptives.

6. Despite promising otherwise, President Trump proposed cutting Medicare payments by more than $266 billion.

7. Republicans voted to allow “junk insurance” plans that have high deductibles and don't cover pre-existing conditions or basic health needs like prescription drugs, maternity care, or mental health.

8. Republicans oppose Medicare prescription drug negotiations, which costs all taxpayers billions more, especially seniors, and puts stress on the Medicare Trust Fund because money is being wasted.

9. Republicans have pushed measures to limit women's access to the contraceptives, cancer screenings, and even the basic health care information they need

10. Under President Trump, the uninsured rate in Washington state has gone up 1.5%, due to the President's deliberate sabotage of the health care system.