Washington state has often been described as two different states separated by a mountain range.

I don't agree. I see us as one state, united by a 21st Century network of railroads and highways, ports and waterways, services and infrastructure, all streamlined to connect our state's agriculture and manufactured products with the world. I see us as people who do what we love and love where we do it.

Urban or rural, east or west, wherever you go in our state you find great universities, abundant resources, and incredible growth and innovation in the business sector. Far from divided, Washington is an example of what a state can accomplish by working smart and working together.

In the Senate, I've learned how to overcome partisan divides and gridlock to get things done for students, seniors, veterans, women and working families who make Washington their home.

Working together, we can grow the economy, protect the environment, build clean energy jobs, provide educational opportunities for all people at all stages of life, protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and ensure that housing, health care and retirement remain affordable for working families.

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