There is no greater responsibility of our federal government than to ensure our national security and that of every American. Washington state faces a unique set of security challenges. We are a major gateway to trans-Pacific trade and we’re a border state. We’re experiencing record-setting growth at our airports, even as aviation security requirements increase. I take my responsibility to help keep our state safe very seriously.

I’ve passed bipartisan legislation to help law enforcement identify and evaluate potential terror suspects at foreign airports before they're permitted to board a flight for the U.S.

I’ve worked to increase the deployment of technology to monitor and better secure remote portions of our northern border. I’ve sponsored legislation to bring federal funding to support law enforcement in our border communities with the cost of prosecuting drug trafficking and other crimes. I’ve worked to increase the security of container cargoes so they are identified and screened before they leave foreign shores destined for our ports. And I’ve worked to increase the deployment of K-9 units and specialized security teams at our airports to improve safety and to move passengers through security lines more quickly.

We must remain ever vigilant in our efforts to protect our nation. But we must do so without ever compromising our values, our humanity, the rule of law, or due process.