I'm proud to represent the people of Washington state and the values that we share. 

In the Senate, I've crafted legislation to help bring prosperity to our state and to our nation. And I've fought to ensure that prosperity lifts us all up, not just a few.

I believe in protecting the health of our families and the environment we live in. I believe in making smart long-term investments, like caring for our children and making education affordable.

And I believe we must honor and respect the contributions made by our veterans and seniors.

Read more about what I've accomplished for Washington state in the Senate and what I'm working to accomplish in the future.

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Many of the most successful businesses in the world were founded in Washington state and this is where they’ve grown and prospered. Throughout my career, I've worked to support our state’s unique and enviable culture of science, innovation and economic growth.

In the mid-nineties, I worked in the private sector and played a role in the development of digital media. I've seen how successful Washington companies operate, and I know what it means to our state.

It means jobs.

Not just jobs for tech workers, but across all sectors of our economy. My mission is to ensure that our prosperity is shared, so I fight for things working families need, like access to education and job training, and making housing, health care, and child care more affordable.

I support the men and women of organized labor. I'm proud that Washington state is leading the nation in raising the minimum wage. I’ve worked hard to increase investment in aerospace training and I’m fighting for more apprentice jobs so more working class families can earn and learn.

I supported the creation of a $30 billion lending fund to help small businesses, the great engine of our economy.

I support trade policy to help open new markets for Washington’s agricultural products. Our export credit agency, which helped 144 Washington companies export more than $52 billion in products ranging from beer to commercial airplanes, has been under attack by some Republicans. I fought to get it reauthorized. 

Working with women entrepreneurs, we increased access to capital and funding for business counseling so we could grow more women-owned businesses.

Today, it is not uncommon for workers to transition through multiple careers in their lifetime. We must prepare workers to thrive in the 21st Century global economy. We need to provide education and training for returning veterans and laid-off workers, and support our community colleges. 

Our state is at the forefront of the knowledge economy and two keys to staying ahead are affordable education and reduction of student loan debt. We must invest in making college more affordable. The benefits we gain are further innovation and greater success.

Every chance I get, I go hiking the Cascades or the Olympics, exploring alongside our spectacular Pacific coastline, or boating on Lake Chelan. The incredible natural beauty and untamed wilderness of our state is a gift we share. One of my greatest responsibilities is to help protect this gift for future generations.

That's why I've fought so hard to stop the tripling of national park fees and protect our coast from offshore drilling. Now I’m fighting to protect our public lands from being sold off for development.

I've worked to grow Washington's leadership in new solar, wind, biofuel and fuel cell jobs by promoting renewable energy over fossil fuels, and maintaining fuel efficiency for cars.

I will fight any attempt to privatize Bonneville public power.

I believe in health care for all. I support universal coverage, and that’s why I’m fighting every day for all of our fellow citizens to have access to affordable, high-quality health care.

I fought to stop President Trump from stripping health care from 750,000 Washingtonians and eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions. I also support improvements to the Affordable Care Act, like expansion of the Basic Health Plan, to lower premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

Medicaid has brought coverage to 650,000 people in our state. I’ve fought hard against proposals that would undermine Medicaid by repealing the expansion and turning the program into a block grant.

I am proud of Washington’s innovative health care system and world-renowned medical research institutions. I support strong federal investments in biomedical research and innovation in health care services to lower costs, improve results, and keep the focus on patients.

Prescription drugs must be more affordable. That’s why I co-sponsored legislation to allow the safe importation of prescription drugs from Canada and empower Medicare to negotiate prices directly with drug manufacturers.

We still have a lot of work to do. That's why I continue fighting for lower costs, expanded access, and better health care outcomes for all.

While we have made progress, we must continue the fight to protect the rights of women and for fair pay at work.

We passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act to do away with gender-based compensation discrimination and help ensure fair pay. Now we are fighting to ensure that there is equal pay for equal work.  

Our state has passed paid family and medical leave and the nation should follow suit. We must also continue working to help make child care more affordable.

In the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, I fought to extend the protection of this legislation to the most vulnerable women in our society.

We must continue to raise awareness of, and speak out against, sexual harassment in the workplace. 

I have fought to preserve a women’s right to choose as well as protect access to vitally important health care services. I will continue to fight any attempt by President Trump to roll back the clock on women's reproductive health. 

Working with women entrepreneurs, I helped pass a law to ensure women-owned small businesses have equal access to federal contracting. And we are continuing to push for policies that increase access to capital and funding for business counseling so we can grow more women-owned businesses.

Access to affordable educational opportunities is the key to a thriving economy and a productive workforce. That’s why I fought to protect funding for K-12, worked to expand GI Bill education benefits and sponsored legislation to increase Pell Grants, and allow refinancing of student loans. I’ve fought to protect Impact Aid and secured increased funding for schools in rural counties through the Secure Rural Schools program. I’ve fought to protect Impact Aid and reauthorize funding for schools in rural counties through the Secure Rural Schools program.

In particular, I believe in life-long learning opportunities, from Head Start programs for early childhood, to adult basic education funding and programs to help displaced workers.

I am a strong supporter of STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), because our future success will require skilled scientists and engineers.

Veterans put everything on the line for us and we, as a nation, have a responsibility to do all we can to assist their transition. That means ensuring timely access to quality health care and GI benefits.

I’ve worked to bring job training, skills transition programs, education, and small business assistance to help veterans convert their experience and discipline into success in the economy.

To help those who provide daily care to many veterans, I supported expansion of the VA’s Caregivers Program. We expanded the term of eligibility for GI Bill loans and I supported laws to provide tax incentives for employers to hire veterans. And in my efforts to address affordable housing, I passed legislation to open up more housing units for homeless veterans.

I’m fighting to ensure all veterans receive the care, benefits and respect they’ve earned through their sacrifice.

Everyone in Washington should have access to safe, affordable housing. For too many in our state, the lack of affordable housing makes it difficult to just get by, let alone save for retirement.

Increasing our housing supply is a big part of the solution and that’s why I've sponsored and helped pass the first federal increase in the affordable housing tax credit in a decade. This legislation helps fund increased housing production around Washington state. I’ve also fought to address affordability, promote anti-discrimination protections, and increase funding for low-income and veterans’ programs within the federal budget. 

Housing affordability is reaching a crisis stage and it's time for us to step up and take on the complex issues surrounding housing costs. I will continue working at the federal level to enact policies and gain needed resources to ensure all in Washington have access to affordable housing.

Read more about what I'm doing to make housing affordable for all.

Previous generations worked secure in the knowledge that they could rely on pensions and Social Security in retirement. But more and more these days, workers aren't staying in one company for their whole career, and many lack adequate pensions. Recently, we’ve even seen pension funds fail.

In addition, we’ve had to fight repeated attempts by unscrupulous politicians to raid the Social Security trust fund and hand it over to Wall Street.

We need to do everything possible to safeguard the financial security of American citizens, who are rightfully concerned about their future. And to do that we must do more to help workers save. That’s why I introduced legislation that would create incentives for employers to match workers contributions, and a new retirement plan option for workers who do not have access to a 401(k).

I will not allow Social Security to be eroded by those in Congress who are more interested in the health of financial industry profits than they are about the people of America. I've opposed the Republican effort to replace Medicare with a voucher system that would enrich insurance companies at the expense of seniors. 

Our diverse agriculture industry, driven by farmers and ranchers across Washington state, supports 164,000 jobs and more than $10.5 billion in agriculture production. Washington state is also the third largest exporter of food and agricultural products in the nation, with exports totaling $7 billion annually.

That’s why I fight for policies and programs that support farming and ranching families and help us to compete in international markets. I’ve worked to expand the Market Access Program which helps farmers gain access to consumers in emerging markets like India and China, and crop insurance to help families weather natural disasters and catastrophic crop loss.

I’ve fought for agricultural research funding to help address falling numbers in wheat; added peas and lentils into our national school lunch program; expanded research and development funding for specialty crops; and backed increased funding for the National Clean Plant Network that helps keep plants virus free. 

I’ve also supported funding for Washington State University’s agriculture extension network, conservation programs like the Conservation Reserve Program, and rural development programs that support housing and other important economic investments in farm communities across our state.

I’ve also been vigilant against unfair trading practices and have worked with our growers to hold our trading partners accountable. A new trade enforcement trust fund that I helped create will help provide dedicated funding to enforce trade agreements. I will fight to ensure that Washington’s farms, ranches and other export-dependent businesses do not turn into collateral damage.

My work in both the public sector and the private sector has always been focused on technology. During this time, the Internet has grown to represent 7 percent of our economy and supports nearly 7 million jobs. 

I believe protecting an open Internet is critical to ensuring this juggernaut of job creation continues. Without it, innovation will undoubtedly be stifled.  

Unfortunately, President Trump moved to do away with net neutrality protections. That’s why in 2018, I helped mobilize voters and wavering colleagues to stop him in the Senate.

While the Senate has voted to protect an open Internet the House must now do so as well.

Cybersecurity is an issue that keeps me up at night. Each day we face an increasing number of cyber attacks, including attacks from state actors, to our electrical grid and energy infrastructure. 

That’s why I fought President Trump’s proposals to drastically cut cybersecurity funding. And I worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass critical legislation out of the Senate to help strengthen our preparedness and resilience to energy-sector cyber attacks. 

This bipartisan legislation will help the Department of Energy to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen response capabilities, promote public-private information sharing and address workforce training and shortages. 

I’ve also worked with our National Guard to strengthen its preparedness and response capabilities and introduced legislation to authorize the deployment of cybersecurity first response teams in all 50 states. 

As I’ve traveled across our state, I’ve seen the devastating impact the opioid epidemic is having on our communities. From Longview to Port Angeles and Everett to Spokane, I’ve held forums to hear first hand about the difficult fight our families, community leaders, health care providers, and law enforcement officials are up against. 

That’s why I supported the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, legislation that dramatically increased federal resources for treatment, recovery, supportive services for families and law enforcement.

I have sponsored a bill, supported by 39 state Attorneys General, to increase the penalties on drug manufacturers when they turn a blind eye to the reckless distribution of opioids in our communities. We need greater transparency and accountability into the production, marketing and distribution practices of drug manufacturers and that’s what my bill does.

I spoke with a voter recently who was in tears. Her grandparents survived the Holocaust, and their desperate quest for safety led to her life in the United States. She is well acquainted with first-hand accounts of that terrible era in human history. Reflecting on news of tragic abuses by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement on our borders, she told me "I never thought I'd live in a country where these things happen."

We cannot and will not look away.

I will fight for humane, rational and constructive Immigration policies. We are, after all, a nation of immigrants and I haven’t forgotten that.

There is no greater responsibility of our federal government than to ensure our national security and that of every American. Washington state faces a unique set of security challenges. We are a major gateway to trans-Pacific trade and we’re a border state. We’re experiencing record-setting growth at our airports, even as aviation security requirements increase. I take my responsibility to help keep our state safe very seriously.

I’ve passed bipartisan legislation to help law enforcement identify and evaluate potential terror suspects at foreign airports before they're permitted to board a flight for the U.S.

I’ve worked to increase the deployment of technology to monitor and better secure remote portions of our northern border. I’ve sponsored legislation to bring federal funding to support law enforcement in our border communities with the cost of prosecuting drug trafficking and other crimes. I’ve worked to increase the security of container cargoes so they are identified and screened before they leave foreign shores destined for our ports. And I’ve worked to increase the deployment of K-9 units and specialized security teams at our airports to improve safety and to move passengers through security lines more quickly.

We must remain ever vigilant in our efforts to protect our nation. But we must do so without ever compromising our values, our humanity, the rule of law, or due process.

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