Previous generations worked secure in the knowledge that they could rely on pensions and Social Security in retirement. But more and more these days, workers aren't staying in one company for their whole career, and many lack adequate pensions. Recently, we’ve even seen pension funds fail.

In addition, we’ve had to fight repeated attempts by unscrupulous politicians to raid the Social Security trust fund and hand it over to Wall Street.

We need to do everything possible to safeguard the financial security of American citizens, who are rightfully concerned about their future. And to do that we must do more to help workers save. That’s why I introduced legislation that would create incentives for employers to match workers contributions, and a new retirement plan option for workers who do not have access to a 401(k).

I will not allow Social Security to be eroded by those in Congress who are more interested in the health of financial industry profits than they are about the people of America. I've opposed the Republican effort to replace Medicare with a voucher system that would enrich insurance companies at the expense of seniors.