Many of the most successful businesses in the world were founded in Washington state and this is where they’ve grown and prospered. Throughout my career, I've worked to support our state’s unique and enviable culture of science, innovation and economic growth.

In the mid-nineties, I worked in the private sector and played a role in the development of digital media. I've seen how successful Washington companies operate, and I know what it means to our state.

It means jobs.

Not just jobs for tech workers, but across all sectors of our economy. My mission is to ensure that our prosperity is shared, so I fight for things working families need, like access to education and job training, and making housing, health care, and child care more affordable.

I support the men and women of organized labor. I'm proud that Washington state is leading the nation in raising the minimum wage. I’ve worked hard to increase investment in aerospace training and I’m fighting for more apprentice jobs so more working class families can earn and learn.

I supported the creation of a $30 billion lending fund to help small businesses, the great engine of our economy.

I support trade policy to help open new markets for Washington’s agricultural products. Our export credit agency, which helped 144 Washington companies export more than $52 billion in products ranging from beer to commercial airplanes, has been under attack by some Republicans. I fought to get it reauthorized. 

Working with women entrepreneurs, we increased access to capital and funding for business counseling so we could grow more women-owned businesses.

Today, it is not uncommon for workers to transition through multiple careers in their lifetime. We must prepare workers to thrive in the 21st Century global economy. We need to provide education and training for returning veterans and laid-off workers, and support our community colleges. 

Our state is at the forefront of the knowledge economy and two keys to staying ahead are affordable education and reduction of student loan debt. We must invest in making college more affordable. The benefits we gain are further innovation and greater success.